Surf SUP Tours

Between waters and nature.

This new way of surfing in flat waters is specially designed for those who love the ocean and want to try something different or an unconventional way of surfing; enjoying the splendor of nature at any time of day or night! During this course you will learn the necessary techniques guided by a local guide. Stand Up Paddle is also an excellent way to exercise, since it involves all your muscles, while you have fun exploring the nature of the Nicoya Peninsula.

TAKE OFF SURF SCHOOL gives you the opportunity to experience the sport even if it is your first time, regardless of your age, physical condition or experience.

Make yourself comfortable with your board in the tranquil and crystal clear Manzanillo River, then head to its bay and finish the tour in the Pacific Ocean. Feel the power of nature at its highest level. Mal País: Close to the Cabo Blanco National Park. This tour is totally in the ocean, starting and ending the route in the Mal País cove, after passing through the bays that the National Park offers.


1 SUP Class of 120 min each

All levels

SUP Board and Rowing Paddles

Fruits, Seeds & Hidratation

Bilingual Instructor



Manzanillo River (Beginners)

Manzanillo River (Beginners & Intermediates)

Playa Suecos (Intermediates & Advanced)

Secret Spot

Bahia Tambor

Long Distance Tours


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