TAKE OFF In Surf School we focus on being the best surf school in Costa Rica. We believe in what we do, so we are really committed to our customers. In order to ensure quality surf lessons with personalized attention by the best professionals, and a unique experience, in a heavenly environment.

Take Off is the name of the first maneuver in surfing ... It's the right moment when you manage to row and get up on the board, at the precise moment before the wave bursts. Our surf lessons are for all levels and people of all ages regardless of their physical condition.

Take Off Surf School is dedicated to promoting the practice of surfing, the creation community events and means of participation / integration that celebrate the culture of surfing at all levels.



Promote the practice of surfing, organizing various activities that complement the enjoyment of sports in an environment of spectacular nature, allowing visitors, families and children to develop and maximize their experience during their stay.


Take Off Surf School imagines a world in which surfers are connected, collaborating and participating in the use of surfing as a force for personal empowerment and positive social change.