Surf School Essence


We are focused on offering our customers a personalized service, designing our courses according to your needs, knowledge and / or skills.


We focus on the creation of fun and feedback training methods, under a professional structure to improve the progress of beginner, intermediate and advanced surfer, which allows us to have more clarity on what should be done to improve your progression in the most efficient way possible.


We work based on international standards of quality, safety and constant monitoring within the development of the sporting activity; that is why we use state-of-the-art equipment, specially designed for your safety and better performance. CATCH SURF INT. and TAKE OFF SURF SCHOOL work hand in hand to achieve these goals.


Surfing is not just getting up on the board, it's much more than that! Through our activities we create a community awareness focused on achieving an integration between surfers and the environment. TAKE OFF SURF SCHOOL imagines a world in which surfers are

Know your level


01I do not know about the tides and I have never surfed.

02Do not swim or I'm afraid of water.

03Excessive work and lack of physical condition.

04I live in the mountains or far from the sea.


01I may be able to get up, but I fall very fast.

02It's hard work rowing the wave to catch it in the white water.

03You have no control over the table.

04If you can take some waves by your means.


01Safety technique and correct paddling.

02He made some basic movements.

03I have some posture problems.

04I do not surf frequently.


01Good technique of duck or duck-dive.

02Applied the entry and exit techniques.

03I recognize the direction of the waves.

04I have been able to reduce the volume in my boards.


01Ability to surf a wide variety of conditions with confidence.

02You know how to generate speed, perform basic and advanced tricks.

03 I have good balance, balance and stability.

04 Solid surfer top to bottom.


  • Useful surf vocabulary.

  • Parts of the board.

  • Everything about the place.

  • Alignment and posture in the table.

  • Appropriate management of your board in white water waves.

  • CHow to position yourself to catch the waves easily.

  • Final posture.

  • Surf with others.
  • Board rotation in both directions.

    Pumping and carving.
  • Security when falling.

  • Recognize variables such as waves, wind and tides.

    Rowing technique.
  • ALearn to accelerate and decelerate with your body weight.
  • How to turn your table while standing.
  • Catch waves on your own.
  • Increase knowledge of your wave, address, Take Off.
  • Improve reading to capture open waves.
  • Get long runs using the rails to cut the wave.
  • Choosing a good line through the wave.
  • Carving as a tool to obtain the perfect speed.

  • Recognize the rip current channels to get to the line up.
  • How the Line Up works: breaks, dangers, safe areas, among others...
  • Strategies to go beyond the breakers.
  • Location references to catch open waves successfully.
  • Catch the waves before breaking and in good weather. The Take Off.
  • Maximize your paddling. Exit options from the impact zone.

The most important thing in the progression of all surfers since its inception, is the feedback
that is established with the coach or instructor, who as an observer and their experience in
various scenarios, is the person trained to guide the development of your performance of the
more efficient and safe way.